Hydraulic Cylinder
Types of cylinders

MPM is highly qualified in the production of cylinders which can be designed by us or produces on customer's drawings. Those can be: Single or double acting; ISO 6020 and ISO 6022 certification, plunger, single and double-acting cylinders with multiple stages.

Dimensions, performance and materials:

Boring: from 25 to 400 millimeters;
Stroke: from 50 to 4.000 millimeters;
Pressure: until 500 bar (50 Mpa);
Speed: ≤0,5m/s. If requested until 15m/s;
Running temperature: -30/ +110°C. If requested -40/ +160°C;
Materials: iron steel; stainless steel 304-316; steel alloys.


The cylinders can be provided with the following accessories: flanged or linear cylinders, control valves, cartridge valves; sensors at the end of the run; linear position transducer.