Turning operations

We have a series of latest generation multi-axis numerical control lathes with lots of motorized tools that allow to work a wide dimensional range of materials such as construction steels, tempering steels, stainless steels, cast iron, bronze alloys, copper, aluminum and plastic materials.

The dimensional range of processes starts from a diameter of 12 mm to a diameter of 700 mm with variable lengths, depending on the diameters, from a few millimeters up to 4 meters. We own also traditional lathes to manage small equipment or simple individual components.

Turning machines

  • 2 lathe CNC MORISEIKI SL 25 with bar passage d.65 mm
  • 1 lathe CNC MORI SEIKI NL 2500, bar passage d.80 mm twin-spindle, driven tools, y axis
  • 1 lathe CNC DAEWOO LYNX 200 bar passage d.65 mm
  • 1 lathe CNC DOOSAN 480 XLM, driven tools, turning d.690 mm, turning length 3050 mm, bar passage d.165 mm
  • 1 lathe CNC DOOSAN PUMA 5100LY, driven tools, turning d.570 mm, turning length 2050 mm, bar passage d.117 mm
  • 1 lathe DOOSAN SAL 2600Y 1 TORNIO CNC DOOSAN 2600Y, Y axis, turning lenght 780 mm, bar passage d. 81 mm

Processed product